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LogRite 30" Mill Special

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The 30" mill special is a shorter and thinner handled cant hook designed to be used on live decks. There is no grip allowing the users hand can slide along the handle. A baseball bat type end cap keeps the tool from slipping out of your grasp. Just like our regular cant hooks, the mill specials are powder coated and have heat treated, zinc plated hooks.  Designed to grip 8" - 32" log diameter.

The mill special was developed with input from various sawyers. They asked us to develop a short cant hook without a grip and a smaller diameter handle. We reduced the diameter to 1.375" and offer 24", 30" and 36" lengths.  We replaced the grip with a baseball bat type end cap to keep the tool from slipping out of the user's grasp. Our mill specials still have the same reliability as our regular cant hooks with a strong yet light aluminum handle,  the highly visible and durable bright blue powder coat, and the heat treated, zinc plated hook.

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What is the difference between a Peavey and a Cant Hook?

Traditionally cant hooks were used around sawmills for turning cants. While peaveys were designed for and used for river drives.

Both tools consist of a handle with a swing hook. The difference between the two is what is on the end of the handle and the way the tools grip a log. A cant hook has a small toe hook on the end which provides a second biting edge. A peavey has a point on the end which is used to separate logs.

Today these tools are used interchangeably and are capable of doing the same jobs. So it comes down to personal preference when choosing between the two tools. We have noticed regional preferences.

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Two biting edges.
Gets a better grip on the log.





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