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LogRite Tractor Arches T30 and T36

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Tractor Arches are designed to be used with tractors in demanding forestry and urban situations. The Tractor Arches are super strong and come in two sizes. The T30 is built to handle logs 30" in diameter and weighing up to 4000 pounds. While the T36 will handle a 36" diameter log that weighs up to 6000 pounds. The T30 has an 8' reach and is capable of carrying a 16' log fully suspended. The T36 has a 9' reach and is capable of carrying a 18' log. The arches are capable of carrying a 30' or longer log when using a Fetching Arch as the tag axle to pick up the tail.

Tractor Arches T30 and T36
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To use the Tractor Arches simply back the arch over the log and use the provided winch and choker line to hoist the log into place. Both sizes are equipped with a standard 3500 lb 2 speed hand winch and 3/8" choker line. Like the ATV Arch, the Tractor takes advantage of the doubling feature to help reduce the power needed to lift the log.
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The Tractor Arches have a two inch ball and can be placed behind tractors and pick-up trucks. They can be moved to different locations using a car or ATV. The arch is designed so that the weight of the log is carried in the arch over the wheels this keeps the tongue weight minimal.

The Tractor Arches have receiver mounting provisions both in front and back for mounting battery boxes, power winches, and light bars.

The Tractor Arches are also built with brake flange spindles for the addition of electric brakes should the intended use be on steep slopes.


  T30 T36
Log Capacity: 30" 36" diameter
Length Capacity: 16' 18' fully suspended
Weight Capacity: 4000 6000 pounds
Tire Size: 30" 30" outside diameter
Arch Width: 65" 69"
Arch Length: 128" 147"
Arch Height: 52" 59"
Arch Weight: 415 lbs 550 lbs

*measurements include tires and height is to tip of winch handle






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